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Claudio Castillo was born in Havana Cuba in 1958. He grew up and studied in Spain, France and England, and started technology

and video companies in London, Madrid and New York. He lives and works in Miami Florida as an artist, animator, cameraman

and television editor. He has exhibited his generative and interactive work in International Art fairs and Museums in Europe the US and China.

His work combines traditional watercolors techniques with the latest cutting edge technologies in Computer graphics.

His watercolor work is animated and composited in real time to create impermanent artwork that is fleeting yet tied to natural cycles

such as the moon and tides. He also uses RSS feeds of financial, news and weather data  to drive the artwork in real time.

His interest lie in art, video and computer technology.


Middlesex Polytechnic, London, UK 1981

London International Film School, London, UK 1978-80

Univeriste D’Aix Marseille, France 1977


Winner of the 2008 Museum of Latin American Art’s award in the category of video and photography.

Video / Animation

IBB, BBG, OCB, 1992 – present

Editor, cameraman, writer, director, graphic designer, and animation

news segments, documentaries, interstitials, openings, and specials.


Series, Joke of the Day, Univision Newscasts, Miami 1998

Web design Televisa, Miami 1996

Production Manager

3D Showscan, Concierto por la Tierra, World’s Fair, Seville, Spain 1991

Freelance Animator / Designer . New York City 1988-90

Freelance Animator / Designer . Madrid Spain  1980-82


Vice-president, Xicon Sytems, New York, 1985-1988

Restructured Xicon to form Celefex, a computer animation production company; produced and animated commercial and non commercial, promotional, and industrial videos. Demonstrated animation system, co-wrote manual and user interface.

Chairman and President, Antics Enterprises, New York 1983-1985

Incorporated company, developed business plan, found partners, secured financing, purchased equipment and hired personnel.

Exhibitor, ACM Siggraph: Detroit 1983, Minneapolis 1984, San Francisco 1985, Dallas 1986.


Antics computer-animation software, Sintesis, Granada, Spain, 1991

Antics computer animation software, Impact Communications, Birmingham, UK 1990


CADAF Virtual Fair June 2020.

MHCAC Virtual art group show SOS earth day April 2020.

Raw Space (solo) Vero Beach January 2020.

Context Art Fair Miami Art week Dec 2019.

From Generative art to stained glass MHCAC December 2019

Miami Beach Art deco Museum (solo) January 2019.

Ecce mater tua, Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center. May 2018.

LA art, California, January 2018.

Intercontinental digital take over for Miami art week (solo), December 2017.

Hispanic Cultural Art Center (solo), Miami, December 2017.

Fat village, January Fort Lauderdale, Fl 2017.

LA art California, January 2017.

Spectrum, Miami Florida, Dec 2016.

SOBU Miami Art week, FL 2016.

Florida Contemporaries, The Baker Museum, Naples, FL January 2016.

Spectrum, Miami, FL December 2015.

Art Expo New York, NY March 2014.

Spectrum, Miami, FL December 2014.

Art Palm Beach, January 2014

MIA Sea Fair, Miami, January 2014,

SCOPE Art Fair, Miami December 2013,

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Disrupted Nature May, 2013

Fountain Art Fair, New York, March 2013

FAT VILLAGE, Ft Lauderdale, March 2013

Brisky Gallery, Miami, February 2013

MIA Sea Fair, February 2013

Groundspace Project Los Angeles, January 2013

Parallax Fair, Miami, FL , December 2012

Art Miami, Miami, Fl , December 2011

Edgezones, Miami, Fl , December 2011

Art Miami, Miami, Fl , December 2010

Solo Show Arte Americas, Tresart, Miami Fl, March 2010

Imaginarium, Ft Lauderdale, Fl, February -March 13 2010

Art Miami, Miami, Fl , December 2009

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Animamix Biennial, Taiwan, November 2009

Naples Museum of Art, Fl, Latin American Painting Now, October 2009

Hot Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, June 2009

Arte Americas, Miami, FL, March 2009

Art Expo, New York City, NY, February 2009

Nicole Henry Gallery Group Show, Palm Beach, FL, November 2009

Art Miami, Miami, Fl, December 2009

Nicole Henry Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, November 2009

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA, Beyond Photoshop, Sept 2008

PINTA, Contemporary Art Fair, New York City , NY, November 2008

Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA, Awards 08 Show, Sept 2008

CCE/Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, June 2008

Tresart Cuban Contemporaries, Miami , FL, May 2008

Arte Americas, Miami, FL, March 2008

Edgezones Group Show, Miami, FL, December 2007

Art Futures Group Show, Miami, FL, December 2007

Art Miami, Miami, FL, December 2007

PINTA Contemporary Art Fair, New York City, NY, November 2007

Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Animamix Biennial, China, October 2007

Art Expo, Las Vegas, NV, September 2007

Group Show, Art Futures Gallery, Miami, FL, July 2007

“Light on San Servolo” Art Fair, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, June 2007

CIGE Art Fair, Beijing, China, May 2007

CIRCA Art Fair, Puerto Rico, April 2007

DiVA Video Art Fair, New York City, NY, February 2007

Group Show, “Zones Fair”, Edgezones , Miami, FL, December 2006

Group Show, “Moving Image”, Alonso Gallery, Miami, FL, November 2006

Group Show, Edgezones, Miami, FL, December 2005

Group Show, “Son,” Design Center of the Americas, Hollywood, FL, 1993

Solo Show, Brickell Square, Miami, FL, 1992

Group Show, “Comet Halley”, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY, 1985

Group Show, Galeria Sigfrido, Madrid, Spain, 1982

Solo Show, Bacardi Gallery, Miami, FL, 1979

Solo Show, El Sombrero Gallery, Torremolinos, Spain, 1977


Winner of the 2008 Museum of Latin American Art’s award in the category of video and photography.

Art statement

The Art:

Claudio Castillo is a multi-dimensional multi-media artist who has combined fine art,

painting, video, photography, animation and computer programming into an art

form that takes on a life of its own. He creates kinetic and ever-evolving visions with thematic

variations where change is inevitable and happens before our very eyes.

Castillo has uniquely combined his many talents into a radically new concept–works of

art exploring time and motion that are romantic, philosophical, light and graceful. His

pieces not only evoke emotion, but also create fleeting ephemeral compositions allowing

the viewer to witness and get lost in the sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic effects of

the passage of life and of time, with the knowledge that it will never be repeated.

By embedding software in dreamlike, poetic watercolor landscapes, unlike linear video art,

he creates “non-linear regenerative paintings.” The end result is a moving, mesmerizing,

impermanent performance.

The work is viewed on a screen or projected, but can also be printed, recorded or streamed.

 He begins with digitized versions of his watercolors, splits the image into several layers, and

then animates each one in multiple ways. This creates the possibility of countless variations of

the painting as it morphs eternally into new compositions. In essence, he creates an

environmental world that is living and changing perpetually in a random non-linear way–whilst

at the same time the internal computer clock does the opposite, keeping accurate time and predicting 

natural cycles such as the phases of the moon or tides.

His iconography resonates as abstract forms of water, flowers, rain, sun, vines, grass,

roots, sky, rocks and more. These are rendered schematically and change subtly toward

abstraction. The introduction of multiplicity, chance, and natural cycles into a single

image, and its pre-programmed control, opens the work up to a world of puzzling

juxtapositions of impermanence and ceaselessness. These generative pieces also

make use of Internet connectivity to reflect real-time data within the work’s imagery,

creating artwork that responds to incoming stimuli.

Generative art has been around as a concept since the cavemen when they stared at shadows

from their fires. In ancient Greece Heraclitus proclaimed, “you will not walk in the same river

twice”. Other Contemporary artists have dealt with the challenges of time and

movement differently, be it Calder’s kinetic mobile sculptures or Nam June Paik’s electronic

world of linear videos and television sculptures.  Even Duchamp did “Three

Stoppages” when he let gravity alter the shape and movement of three pieces of string

falling, never repeating the same result.

When computers came along John Simon created “Every Icon” where a pixel moves in

a grid creating every possible composition driven by an algorithm. In music, John Cage

created his 639 year-long piece entitled “As slow as possible”. And, Brian Eno

combined audio and video in his generative light boxes displaying moving LEDs that

never repeat.

The evolution of technology in art is exemplified by Castillo’s successful merger of fine

art and perpetual motion. Prints or linear videos from the generative process offer a

recognizable artistic experience, however the “work” itself is never done. In this way, it

challenges the whole concept of art since there is no end to the potential variations. His

work will continue to be created well after his death.





Virgen de la Caridad que desaparece podrá ser visitada en la Ermita    PDF



Revista de la noche con Margarita Rojo



La Virgen en ferias de arte y museos.

Entrevista con Camilo

 Arte inteligente en movimiento


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Virgin Apparition: Generative art. Watercolor, animation and software. 6 layers, one chance of repetition in approximately 8 trillion years. Virgin appears when triggered by motion. Software on computer. Edition of 8 with 2 APs.


Van Gogh generator: Generative art, watercolor. animation and software.
Six ;layers , approximately one chance of repetition in 8 trillion years, accurate moon and tidal phases.
Software on Computer.
Edition of 8 with 2 APs.




GTMO landscape

television work

Plastic / metal

Micro Mini on TV

Indoor LED