FLORIDA Claudio Castillo 2016

Generative art (non AI): Real time hue regeneration on 8 color channels. Made with time lapse photography, watercolors, animation and software. Hue values will never repeat, from a palette of over 16 million. 

Lunar phases are predicted and moon moves left to right of frame in one hour.

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Propaganda posters, animation, and software live-streaming on a computer. This is a generative, non-repeating clock, set to the U.S. Eastern Time zone. It will run as a stream exclusively during 2021. Generative art is well suited to live streaming because of the similar nature and inherent properties of both. What one sees on the stream will never repeat, nor is it available for sale. In this piece—which is inspired by the extreme political polarization of the last four years—two factions constantly battle each other in an endless progression, marked by hourly reminders. There are 100 communist posters and 100 fascist posters from the 1930’s. They wipe each other out in 100 different ways. This gives each poster one million possibilities for change multiplied by twelve, as each one represents one hour. The black and white poster depicts the current hour. The amount of the poster that is visible represents the minutes. The audio, with alternating dogma, is also generative with eight tracks which are mixed in real time. Random animations and bullet holes mark each hour. All the artwork and the source of the stream come from the generative software. Although the software is not for sale at this time, past and future moments, a total of 1200 stills and 1200 videos, each one unique, have been captured by the artist and are available for sale as NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain.