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Generative art

Claudio Castillo

Medusa : A generative clock

This artwork is being generated as it is being streamed, it is fully autonomous and is programmed to keep time whilst never repeating.

Portrait AI on a 200 AD Roman Mosaic. Functional generative (non-repeating) clock, set to U.S. Eastern Time and Miami tides. Hour, minute, second, lunar, solar and tidal predictions. Real time hue regeneration on 3 layers. Watercolors, animation, video, software. Audio is generative with 8 channels mixed in real time. Touch and motion enabled, pupils follow minutes and audience.

AI was used only in the creation of the individual portraits. The viewer sees each of the AI portraits during the first minute of every hour. This is not a GAN, or neural network. This is generative art, not generative AI. No prompts were used in the creation of this artwork.